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Professional translation

Did you realise that when you sell consumer goods in Denmark, the instructions are required by law to be in Danish? Or perhaps you are considering entering the Danish market, but hesitant because of the language barrier? Don't worry about the language — let me help you! Also see Export assistance.

Technical translation

Technical translation between Danish and English is one of my fields of expertise. Regardless of whether the translation concerns directions for use, a user's guide or an instruction manual, I have done it before. I translate for the operator as well as for the end user as I have translated texts such as manuals for injection moulding machines for the industry, instruction manuals for cars and not least directions for use for household appliances.

Legal translation

My second field of expertise is legal translation. Whether you have an agreement in English which you want translated into Danish to relieve your Danish business partners or whether you have a legal document in Danish that you do not fully understand, I can assist you with the translation and comprehension. With my seal of office I can even certify my translation should the situation require it. If the document in question is official and must have legal effect abroad, legalisation might be necessary. Click here for further information regarding legalised translations. Furthermore, I have experience in translating pleadings, replies and rejoinders besides interpreting for the police and legal system on a regular basis, which gives me an additional dimension in the legal field.

Medical translation

As a state-authorised translator, I am, as mentioned, an expert in the translation of professional texts, and I have expanded my repertoire to include translation of medical texts as I have completed the one-year ‘Medical language’ course at the Copenhagen Business School achieving a B+ at the final exam. In Denmark, our pharmaceutical industry is flourishing, but in spite of that, this course is, oddly enough, not part of the programme to become a state-authorised translator. Having completed this continuing course and with the experience that I have already gained in this field, I am qualified to translate texts for the doctor and the patient alike be it patient information, packet inserts or an article for a medical journal, etc.

Economic translation

Little by little, I have built up an extensive vocabulary in the economic field by translating as different texts as annual reports, software for ERP systems, yes even examination papers for the economics course. So this type of texts you can also safely leave to me.

Other languages

If you need translations into other languages, such as Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, German or French, I should be able to help you, too, through my extensive network of skilled translators in other languages whose quality I vouch for.

Quality and service are my trademarks. Please note that as a state-authorised translator, I am bound to observe professional secrecy. Contact me for an offer or further information. Click here to reach the contact form.

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